Character Comment – He Gave Me a Camera

He Gave Me a Camera

I think that this is going to be a tradition, as I repeat the year-end Mark Hamby piece once again as a fitting reminder going into the summer break.  We’ve spent the last several months speaking to the value of work and imparting important lessons of character in the activities of “Our Daily Life”.  At the center of all this is an important principle stated in our Lords words, “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” (Matt 20:28) This is a pivotal statement to the Shema, in the fulfilling of the Law. I was reminded of this not too long ago in a wedding I attended, actually playing a small part in helping with its preparation.

Years prior, when my family was very young there was a young man who “hung around” and spent time with my family and my boys.  As I began to chronicle our family gatherings I had one of those cheap 110 cameras.  Watching me fumble with it, with rather pathetic results, this young man one day presented me with a rather nice 35MM SLR camera, showing me how to use it. That gift launched a new interest that grew into a part-time photography business and years of picture taking enjoyment.  …Fast forward to this recent experience when I got a call from a mom seeking advice, trying to prepare a stack of photos for her daughter’s wedding slideshow.  There was no way “this mom” was going to get this done with everything else staring at her, so I took this item off her plate and did the slideshow for her.

As I watched the slideshow unfold at the wedding dinner, my heart was glad, but more so thinking back to that day many years ago when that mom’s husband gave me that 35MM camera that taught me the skills that now served his daughter’s wedding day.  As we are blessed, we are enabled to bless others, a reminder about living faithfully before one another and our children as we follow Christ, serving others day by day Coram Deo.

“Save Yourself!”

By Mark Hamby

We live in a day when Christians and non Christians alike are adopting an “every man for himself” world view. As divorce has reached record proportions, couples are no longer making any covenant commitments. Many want a safety release so that they can exit if things turn difficult. I was reminded of this phenomenon recently after I had interviewed twenty different parties interested in renting a house I own. All twenty interested couples were living together, and in every instance it was the girlfriend who was taking the lead.

What is happening to a man’s desire to lead and commit? Is it fear? Fear that your wife’s love will not be reciprocal or that she might not remain faithful? Or is it blatant selfishness that keeps a man from commitments? In this day of every man doing that which is right in his own eyes, I believe that we can learn a significant, life-changing lesson from our Lord’s time on the cross. It is amazing to me that someone’s last few words or absence of words can shape the rest of our lives.

Three times while Jesus was hanging on the cross He heard the scoffing insults from the crowd and Jewish leaders, the thieves on the cross, and the Roman soldiers, each shouting out the same two words: “SAVE YOURSELF!” And each time Jesus didn’t say a word. And certainly if He wanted to, He could have saved himself . . . for he was God Himself. But He chose not to save Himself in order that He could save others. What Jesus demonstrated on the cross in His silence was the true essence of God-likeness. As men of God we are not here to save ourselves, but to give our lives on behalf of those God has placed in our care.

Has life become difficult? Has relational pain become unbearable? You have a choice: Save yourself or save others.

-Joe LoGiudice, Principal