Serial Reading of Young People’s Problems Chapter 23 – About Your Shadow

Serial Reading of Young People’s Problems

Chapter 23 – About Your Shadow

Have you ever noticed someone walk into a room, and suddenly it seems brighter, more pleasant? Or maybe it has seemed just the opposite—uncomfortable and unsettling? Pastor Miller’s message in this chapter is important for each of us character advocates.

“There is in the New Testament a beautiful story which tells of the power of a good man’s shadow. The people brought out their sick, and laid them along the sides of the road when the apostle Peter was to pass, that his shadow might fall upon them; and we are told that they were healed — every one… Of course it was a supernatural power which wrought so wondrously in Peter’s shadow. God was pleased to use it in this way to impress the people with the divineness of Christianity.”

“We cannot expect that we shall be able to work miracles of healing through our shadow. But we all cast shadows wherever we go, and our shadow has either wholesome or unwholesome influence over other lives. So Miller urges us to ask ourselves, “What kind of shadow do I cast? What influence do I bring to the lives others?”

Here are some of the observations Miller expands upon at length:

“We think of a shadow as something DARK. It is made by an object coming between us and the light. It is therefore an intercepting, a cutting off, of brightness. Night is a shadow…” But “even night has its compensations.” What are they? Read carefully the full text to discover.

Then, “there are other people whose shadow is WHITE. Instead of intercepting the light, the brightness appears to stream through them and to be all the brighter. The rainbow is a kind of glorified shadow. A sunbeam falls upon a drop of water, and its wonderful threads are unraveled, disentangled, as it shines through, and we have seven beautiful colors spread abroad.” Miller shows the rich meaning of this, that “every Christian should cast a rainbow shadow, always [being] inspirers of the good possibilities in those whom we influence.”

I was taught years ago that we cannot take another any further then we have already gone ourselves. In that vein, Miller writes, “We must be overcomers ourselves — before we can help others to overcome… One who himself yields to discouragement cannot be an encourager of others. One who is crushed by sorrow, and does not get God’s comfort for himself — cannot be a comforter of others in their sorrow… If you would have a healing shadow, you must learn the secret of Christ’s victoriousness.” When we are “filled with the mind that was in Christ Jesus … then our life will be full of wholesome and healthful inspirations” … and aspirations!

Thus our TEAM2work prayer ought to be: “May every soul that touches mine, be it the slightest contact, get there from some good, some little grace, one kindly thought, one aspiration yet unfelt, one bit of courage.”

Learn, teach, encourage, advocate, mentor & model “the secret of the healing shadow.”

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Chapter 24 – Your Little Brother

(to be continued)

— Joe LoGiudice, Principal