Serial Reading of Young People’s Problems Chapter 26 – A Girl’s Questions

Serial Reading of Young People’s Problems

By J.R. Miller, 1898

Chapter 26 – A Girl’s Questions

Young ladies are precious. I’ve watched with amazement as they grow into womanhood, often wondering what is going on in their thoughts in the stages of their life.  J.R. Miller’s remarks, “Every girl has questions. Her brain teems with them — her heart too. She ought to have questions. If she had not, she would not be a living girl, at least she would be living to very small purpose. Questions are the keys which open doors within, which we find life’s better things.”

He continues, “Girls are not all alike. It would not be true to say that to answer one girl’s questions, would be to answer every girl’s questions. But certainly to answer one girl’s questions, will throw light upon the questions of many others. From a bright, interesting letter, bristling with interrogations,” Pastor Miller draws “a little handful of earnest inquiries, …in the belief that others may be helped by the answers that are given.”

So what are the questions this young girl asked?

  • What is expected of girls?
  • When a girl wakes up to the knowledge that she is disagreeable — what shall she do?
  • What should she do when feeling melancholy or depression?
  • How about the people [I] don’t like?

These are all good questions, and I hope you will read the full text to see how Pastor Miller answers each one. Remember as you read that each girl is unique, with unique trials and difficulties; so the answers must be tailored to each one’s needs. Moreover, there are many more questions swimming around in those little minds that need wise answers and loving council.

There is a key to all our advising and correcting: the necessity for encouragement. Miller writes, “These are some of the questions of one girl. Her closing sentences are: ‘Don’t forget the encouraging part. If people only knew how we long for it sometimes! A little praise occasionally would not make us vain, would not turn our head, and certainly would do us more good than harm. It would help us sometimes so much!’ This is very true. People need nothing so much as encouragement. An artist said his mother’s kiss made him a painter. Wise cheer is always full of inspiration. The man who writes or speaks discouraging words, is a doer of evil. We have no right ever to be discouragers; we should live always to be encouragers.”

He concludes, “In every girl’s heart, visions of beauty throng — and every one of these visions is a glimpse of something she may become. Her mission [and ours] is to get these holy visions wrought into her life and character.”

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(to be continued)

— Joe LoGiudice, Principal