Training Hearts & Teaching Minds

Covenant Christian Academy was formed by parents who desired a quality Christian education for their children. It is a private, non-profit school governed by a Corporation of Christian parents and interested friends who adhere to the Westminster Standards of Faith.

We believe:

  • That Christian education is a mandate for Christian families and is best served  by the partnership of a home, school, and church which share a common vision.
  • That God created the world and each student to reflect His glory.
  • That every subject is to be taught on the basis of Scripture, to the highest possible standards, and according to each student’s ability.
  • That we must provide an education for our students in which all spheres of learning are unified under the principle of subduing the earth for God’s glory.

Thus, it is our primary task to train hearts and teach minds in education for life in Christ (Proverbs 22:6). Both character and academic training must be approached from a Biblical perspective.


1. CCA exists primarily to help Christian parents train their children.

2. Because we believe God created the world and each student, every subject is taught on the basis of Scripture and to the highest possible academic standards according to each child’s ability.

3. We believe education, as a discipline, is under the Kingship of Christ.

4. We believe we all spheres of learning should be unified under the principle of “subduing the earth” for God’s glory.

5. We believe a level of academic and physical training must be achieved which will properly prepare young people for the four most important relationships into which they will enter:  their relationship to God, themselves, to others, and to God’s creation.

6. We believe we are responsible to provide education for the whole person at a high level of excellence.

CCA exists to provide quality Christian education for children of committed Christian families.